You have a Healthy Relationship when…


You have a Healthy Relationship when...

By Bruce S. Riley, LMFT

Use this as a guide to help evaluate the growth and where you are as a couple. Keep track of which areas are true in your life.

You have a healthy relationship when…

  1. You share decisions before they are made.
  2. You feel something special when you see the other at the end of the day.
  3. Your arguments only last for a short while.
  4. You make each other feel so good.
  5. You both keep your promises.
  6. You don’t desire to ever be with someone else.
  7. You have no doubts about your love.
  8. You think of each other throughout the day.
  9. You enjoy being in each other’s presence.
  10. You always tell the truth.
  11. You can tell if something is wrong.
  12. Share the same values.
  13. You enjoy doing so many great things together.
  14. You avoid calling each other names.
  15. 90% of your conversations are positive.
  16. You take care of each other.
  17. You both adjust to meet each other’s needs.
  18. You’ve learned to give and receive love.
  19. You are their when needed.
  20. You are constantly working on keeping each other happy.

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