First Step Program


Thank you for beginning the process of receiving counseling through Solutions with Dr. Bruce.

  • Your counselor has been a licensed therapist through the State of California for over 13 years
  • Engage in dialogue that immediately moves you in a positive direction
  • Your information will be kept confidential
  • Recognize that change begins with you

Let’s first find out what method of receiving counseling you might be interested in:

  • In-person Counseling (Southern California)
  • Distance Counseling (Tele-Counseling)

The Process of Counseling


  • You complete the intake assessment form.
  • You share with me your thoughts & feelings about some of the major issues you face.
  • You talk about what you would like to get from counseling. I listen.

Goal Setting 

  • We discuss what you would like to change and why
  • We come to a conclusion what the key goals of counseling will be.
  • You receive homework.

  • I review your homework each week.
  • We actively work on each goal, using interventions as needed.
  • I review your progress with you at regular intervals.

Goal Pursuit

  • We discuss how you feel about the level of completion of all goals.
  • You tell me what you must do to maintain favorable outcomes.
  • We conclude your active counseling or you move to the Next Level Program


Designed to provide continuous service to clients that could benefit from additional listening, learning, and discovery of solutions to life’s issues.

Finally, you will receive three ROCK SOLID guarantees when you take the First Step.

Next Level


Guarantee #1
100% Guarantee. All the pressure is on us to produce because you have a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If up to 60 days we haven’t helped you with: Insightful counsel, strategies for making changes, and in-person or distance (phone) counseling, then you will receive 100% of your investment back. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

Guarantee #2
You will find out how applied principles and homework contribute to solutions in life’s challenges. You will receive printed material to reinforce learning.

Guarantee #3
On-going Counseling Progress. After each in-person or phone session, you will receive by email a client progress report. Your client progress report will help you review your progress and determine where to make adjustments.


Six POWERFUL Sessions
from 125.00

The investment for in-person and distance counseling is $125 per session (50 minutes). You may determine how many sessions you would like to pay in advance.

In-person or Distance Counseling
50 Minutes Per Session
MONEY Back Guarantee
No contract - Cancel Your Service At Anytime

**Please charge my debit/credit card monthly. I understand that I can cancel at any time**

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