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Counseling is designed to give you a great chance of succeeding in life and relationships.

  • You develop a deeper understanding of who you are.

  • You discover how to reduce or eliminate self-defeating behaviors.

  • You learn how to relate to others on a deeper level.

  • You acquire skills to set and reach goals.

  • You sort things out and move to a more manageable place in life.

  • You gain the ability to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

  • You obtain the capacity to make better decisions.

Counseling can help you learn new behaviors while monitoring your progress, settle inner struggles, and get objective feedback.

Maybe Marriage Counseling is what you need if you feel your marriage is in trouble. You do not have to divorce.

Defeat and hopelessness is what many people are experiencing. Maybe you feel guilty, lonely, or worthless most of the time. Maybe you feel like your world is falling apart. Perhaps you are full of fear, doubt, or the inability to trust. Also,

  • You may want help managing your emotions - anger, disappointment, grief, impulsiveness, depression, lust, etc.

  • Your self-esteem might be low and needs boosting.

  • Your desire for love and companionship might not be going well.

You just might need someone to talk to. Dr. Bruce will listen.


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