Bruce S. Riley, MFT

Licensed in 1997

Areas of Focus:
Family Counseling
Crisis Counseling (mostly teens)
Pre-marital and Marital Counseling
Life Coaching and Self-Esteem Building


Clinical Experience:
Foster Family Agencies
Group Homes
Shelters and Community Resource Centers
Non-Public Schools


Therapeutic Milieu (construct)

image 6.JPG
  •  Solution Oriented – Help client demonstrate the willingness and courage required to change detrimental thinking, feelings, and behavior.
  • Biblical Principles – Help the client build understanding, hope, and knowledge about significant people for the purpose of improving relational dynamics, and restoration to normal, daily, interactive functioning.
  • Satirian Approach to Family Counseling – 1) to enable the family to gain new hope and to help reawaken old dreams or develop new one. And 2) to strengthen and enhance the coping skills of individual family members by teaching them new ways of viewing and handling situations.