When you Feel Burnout


When you feel Burnout

By Dr. Bruce Riley

I wanted to write this blog because I often see good people fade away or give up on things that I know is designed to make them a better person. Or, I see them involved in behaviors that are viewed as inappropriate, such as adultery, drugs, or overuse of alcohol. The problem is they are simply experiencing “Burnout”.

You see, burnout is described as extensive exhaustion or fatigue after extensive effort over a long period of time.

Some of the causes of burnout are:

·         Overwhelmed by too many priorities.

·         Exhausted by daily stressors or problems.

·         Internal pressures such as worry, doubt or fear.

·         External pressures such as deadlines, bills, or expectations from others.

·         Feeling disillusioned by setting unrealistic goals.

Here’s a simple way to beat burnout by taking a moment to “Rethink” your life:

R             Rest and Reevaluate your goals and & priorities. Develop ways to calm yourself.

E             Engage with friends. They will help you keep the proper perspective.

T             Tell somebody how you’re feeling. They can give support and encouragement.

H             Hope in God. You are not omnipotent.

I               Invest in healthy activities to replenish your energy.

N            Nurture what you love by doing things that stimulate you.

K             Know your limitations. Don’t overdo it. Delegate some of your responsibilities.

Take good care of yourself. Let go for awhile. Don’t stress over what you can’t control.