When Someone Breaks Your Heart


When Someone Breaks Your Heart

When someone breaks your heart you experience so many different feelings...regret, anger, betrayal, hurt, disgust, disillusionment, doubt, fear, hate, etc. But you also feel love - the passion of all passions. If you didn't still love the person you would not give yourself the room to feel all the other emotions. You see, the opposite of love is apathy...you wouldn't care.

So now, if you are to get past this heartbreak, you must tell yourself the truth - you still have feeling for the person who broke your heart. You must decide what you will do with these feelings. But you must also tell yourself that "It is over". Perhaps the agony that is going on is a desire that somehow the person is going to have a change of heart and return. This is the inner struggle that you must resolve.

But I must also ask you the question of how you will feel if this person returns? How will you then feel about yourself? Will you feel that you are respected or valued the same? Will you be able to trust? Will the respect be the same? Or will you just feel tolerated? You must honestly answer these questions, which I believe will help you resolve the inner struggle.

When someone leaves they have made a choice. They have to live with that choice, not you. You must live on. But to live on you must cut the ties. You both invested in the relationship, so there are losses on both sides. Cut your losses and move on. To remain in this relationship emotionally (which you are by continuing to struggle with these feelings towards this person), you continue to pay for something you no long have.

You must decide to end this relationship for good through the power of forgiveness. Yes, you want the person to suffer for the feelings you have for being heartbroken. But all that is is vengeance. You become the other person. And if you don't admit your heart is broken you won't ever heal. And if you don't forgive you won't move on. You will stay stuck in your pain.

To truly forgive you must return to love. No longer hold the other person responsible for hurting you, and fully return to loving yourself in this persons absence. Take back your heart and realize that you can still live. To forgive you must say "goodbye" until you mean it. To forgive you must acknowledge that the other person had value in your life, but not anymore. So say "goodbye". This way, should you see the person again, remember that you are still saying "goodbye". After awhile you will discovery that all those negative feelings you were struggling with are covered by love...mostly for yourself.

"Don't feel bad if someone rejects you. People usually reject expensive things because they can't afford them" (Unknown)