Five Reasons to have HOPE


The definition of hope is: A strong desire that's almost uncontrollable; boundless enthusiasm; fervent devotion to a cause; or an object of intense emotion.

If you have a passion for anything it will not come to you. It must be pursued.  All goals must be based on passion. If you won't do it with passion, it's best not to be done at all.

This passion must radiate like fire within your soul. Passion burns within you; it becomes your joy and the essence of who you are.

All affection should be passionate. It will communicate what's in your heart. You see, passion empowers love and makes you come alive.

It was Gabrielle Bernstein who said, "Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession"

Finally, it was from Ben Murphy online where I say this statement, "Let your passion be the reason for your existence, and your successes the product of your persistence."