Enjoy every Moment


It is so important that we enjoy our lives to the maximum. Take it all in. Cherish the privilege of having the opportunity to live in the moment.

1. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the rain. 

2. Enjoy a warm bath. 

3. Shut out the noise of trouble. It's not the priority.

4. Increase your pleasurable moments. They increase your memories.

5. Smell the flowers. Embrace the compliments of others. 

6. Hear the music of your accomplishments.

7. Taste your food. Enjoy it.

8. Touch a life. Somebody needs you. 

9. Take in the sunrise. Jumpstart your day.

10. Stay in the now. 24 hours is a lot of time to have some fun.

11. When you Enjoy every Moment...it slows down time.