Seven Hot Tips for your Love Life

Seven Hot tips for your Love Life

Seven Hot tips for your Love Life

1. FLIRT, FLIRT, FLIRT - USE YOUR WORDS. You see, love doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be felt. Say what turns you on; what makes you feel special; and what makes you enjoy being with this person.

2. KISS, KISS, KISS - DEMONSTRATE AFFECTION. Listen with you heart and not with you head. Let your kisses be a response to what you have been hearing. You are sending a clear message that you like what's happening in this relationship.

3. TEXT, TEXT, TEXT - COMPLIMENT CONSTANTLY.  Say and show gratitude when you are treated well. Say just enough to create a good feeling.

4. HUG, HUG, HUG - MAINTAIN WARMTH AND CLOSENESS. Someone said that a great relationship is the coming together of two great forgivers. Hugs have healing qualities.

5. NOTES, NOTES, NOTES - COMMUNICATE OFTEN. Consider your love as a gift given, and you are merely sending "Thank you" notes to the one who's been giving you so much love.

6. ROMANCE, ROMANCE, ROMANCE - GENERATE A FRAGRANCE. Let what you do together be the continuation of a romance novel. Be proactive, not reactive. Make things happen.

7. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE - PROJECT YOUR PLEASURE. Externalize what you have gotten and what you expect by enjoying every moment with the one you love.