Lifting Depression


By Dr. Bruce Riley, LMFT

Depression is nothing to be ashamed about. Neither is it something that needs to remain secret. Did you know that people like Demi Lovato, Dwayne Johnson, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Halle Berry have all suffered from depression? You should read about their stories and how they have had to deal with it. By reading about their struggle may help you. Here’s a few other suggestions:

Congregate, don’t Isolate – Stay in the company of supportive, caring people. They may be the very ones to help lift you to a place of emotional stability and give you a reason to move above that dark or lonely place.

Look Up – It is important to believe that you are better than you feel right now. Feelings can come and go; that what you are experiencing is temporary; and that something is wrong but that it can be made right. Looking up is seeing that there is a way out of this low place; that there is help, and that there are people who love you and want to be a part of your life.

“Hope thou in God” These words come from David in Psalm 42 who was perhaps struggling with depression while fleeing from his son Absalom. He longs for the presence of God and to rebuild his faith, which has been shaken be his fears and doubts. Things may look bleak, like there is no way out, but to hope in God puts one’s total self in the hands of God and to believe that only He can bring you out. And yes, He will bring you out.

Ask for Help – I do believe that there are times when the depression may require a professional component, especially if the nature of the depression is due to some type of chemical imbalance. Such a need may require hospitalization and/or medication until such time as you are able to have a more functional lifestyle and that the thoughts and feelings subside.

I also believe that some depressive symptoms are spirits that try to torment the mind and to lead you away from God to achieve the purposes of Satan. Such oppression needs to be  

cast out as it was with the man in Mark 5:1-15. It is quite proper to ask the help of God and others who have been gifted with the anointing to cast out devils as stated in Mark 16:17

Yes, you can be lifted out of depression. Never give up!