Ten Steps to a Better Relationship


A great relationship is not an accident.

1. It is INTENTIONAL - You make time for it.

2. It is POSITIVE - You make it your business not to fuss and fight.

3. It is full of AFFECTION - Plenty of hugs and kisses. 

4. It is COMPLIMENTARY - kind words of admiration should be constant. 

5. It is EXCITING - Always doing something new and interesting. 

6. It PRAYERFUL - Knowing that we all need God's help. 

7. It is SOLVING PROBLEMS - Handling generational issues and getting rid of baggage. 

8. It is ROMANTIC - Discovering the best ways to express love.

9. It is THOUGHTFUL - Taking time to share loving thoughts in creative ways.

10. It is FUTURISTIC - Having a clear vision of the direction the relationship is headed.